Local Attractions

Besides spending time in Frösakull beach, below are listed just a few things to do and see otherwise during your stay. More area attractions and information about them are described under these links.

Tylösand >>
golf and summer paradise where the beach life abounds, complete with luxury spas, hotels, clubs and restaurants. Also home of Hotell Tylösand, owned by former band member of Roxette, Per Gessle.

Golf >>
Tylösand Golf course, one of the best in Europe, extends all the way to the a stone thhrow from the rental property.
Ringenäs, Bäckavattnet, Haverdal, Holm och Vilshärad are other wellknown golf courses.

Halmstad >>
The city of Halmstad is about 25 km south of Frösakull. Over 700 years old, the town was founded while the region Halland was still part of Denmark. It sits on the river Nissan, and boasts both medieval charm as well as contemporary renowned architecture.
Regular bus lines connects Halmstad with not only Frosakull, but to all parts of the town as well as outside communities.

Mjellby Konstmuseum >>
Founded by the daughter of one of the members of the surrealist painters’ fraternity, The Halmstad Group, the museum sits surrounded by farming fields in an idyllic landscape. Biking there on the old roads to it is a delight, but the art museum is also easily accessible by car.

Vapnö Gård >>
where “happy cows” enjoy an organic and pampered life. Tours offered and also home to a Mystery Dinner Playhouse.

Heagård >>
Instead of once dairy cows, Heagård now welcomes visitors to its large stone barn . The 17th century large building houses a restaurant, gallery, bakery, deli, as well as clothing home decor shops. As described on its website, visiting Heagård is “an overall experience in rural luxury”. Song and music by troubadours, string quartets, choirs, and other musicians can be enjoyed here often, especially around the holidays.

Möllegård >>
Against all odds, serving gelato, literally in the middle of a wheat field and in Sweden at that, Italian immigrant Riccardo’s ice cream venture took off. From only having served the most delicious flavors of gelato in a humble store to by-passing bikers, Möllegård, a former farm, now boasts a restaurant and a deli. Live musical performances can be enjoyed on an occasional basis.